“-tly” “-tely” , “-dly” の部分の発音 (2) — 日本人独特のクセ:immediately を immediatry* と発音してしまう



今回は、一昨年の6月にとりあげた lateral release の練習(こちら)を、さらに多くの例文を使って再びここで練習してみたいと思います。

副題にもある通り、immediately /ɪˈmiːdiətli/ のような単語を日本人が発音すると、次のような mispronunciation をとてもよく耳にします。↓


これは lateral release が行われていないためによくある mispronunciation で、さらに /l/ が /r/ になってしまっています。
では、ネイティブが発音するとどうなるのか、よく耳にする3通りの発音で実演してみます。1番目は典型的な British の発音、2番目は British でも American でもよく発音されるタイプで、/t/ を glottal stop [ʔ] で代用しているパターンです。3番目は /t/ が有声化しているパターンで、American でよく行われる発音です。↓


それでは sentence を使って練習してみましょう。Lateral release が行われる部分を含む単語は太文字で示してあります。発音は General British です。↓

/-tl+母音/ のパターン


● Have you heard from Peter lately?
● He rightly pointed out that they are concerned about it.
● Jane’s appearance has subtly changed.
● There’s nothing remotely beautiful about it.
● I’m glad I did it, partly because it was worth it.
● She quickly and smartly escaped him.
● That’s absolutely out of the question!
● The boy described it quite accurately.
Apparently, she went home after the meeting.
● What you have said about me is completely wrong.
● This is definitely the best medicine for you.
Unfortunately, she failed the exam.
● The temperature was approximately 28ºF.
● She developed arthritis immediately after his birth.
● One estimate is significantly lower than the other.
● His book was published shortly before his death.
● I have recently retired from my work in Japan.

/-dl+母音/ のパターン 


● Some passengers were badly injured in the accident.
Sadly, our beloved priest passed away.
● Could you kindly help me with the translation?
● Bobby was madly in love with the girl.
● Some students behave rudely in class.
● She gladly shared the little book with me.
● He has been fondly remembered as a nice guy.
● He’s not as friendly as you might expect him to be.
● I proudly announce that my first CD has been released.
Broadly speaking, there are two issues that concern us.
● We repeatedly warned you not to do that again.
● After all, the result was undoubtedly my fault.
● She says afternoon tea is a decidedly British tradition.
● She won a bronze medal in the 400 meter medley relay.
● We protested against his handling of the case.


Today’s my singing
今回は Elvis の “Inherit The Wind” を歌ってみました。曲中に出てくる ‘hardly’ /ˈhɑː(r)dli/ は今回練習しているポイントの箇所ですね。

Inherit The Wind take 2, 2012.mp3

Baby, don’t fall in love with me
I’ll only bring you grief
Baby, don’t set your heart on me
I’ll only have to leave

 ’Cause the north wind flows through my veins
 Like my dad there’s a dream in my brain
 In the morning I’ll have to leave again
 That’s how it is when you inherit the wind
 Inherit the wind

Daddy, he was a travelin’ man
I hardly knew his face
Mamma, she cried for him at night
He never stayed in one place

Oh I can’t give you the love you need
I just won’t be here that long
But if you still want me here tonight
I’ll love you till the break of dawn


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