Assimilation、weak forms、linking /r/ を実践しながら音読練習をしよう


さて、今回は assimilation、weak forms、そして linking /r/ を実践しながらの音読練習をしてみたいと思います。

まずは今回使用する passage に出てくるいくつかの単語の発音を確認してみましょう。↓


Joan /dʒəʊn/、describe /dɪˈskraɪb/、parent /ˈpeərənt/、
retain /rɪˈteɪn/、memory /ˈmem(ə)ri/、grandparent /ˈgræn(d)ˌpeər(ə)nt/、
forbid /fəˈbɪd/、property /ˈprɒpəti/、tragedy /ˈtrædʒədi/、
stir /stɜː/、violence /ˈvaɪələns/、character /ˈkærəktə/、
personality /ˌpɜːsəˈnæləti/、trellis /ˈtrelɪs/、
poison ivy /ˌpɔɪz(ə)n ˈaɪvi/、twine /twaɪn/、influence /ˈɪnfluəns/、
pane /peɪn/、conservatory /kənˈsɜːvət(ə)ri/

それでは passage を音読してみましょう。発音は RP(または General British)です。下の phonemic transcription で assimilation の部分は赤、linking /r/ の部分は緑で表示してあります。参考にしてみてください。↓


The first time Joan saw the house she knew it was where she had been born. It wasn’t as though Joan could remember anybody describing it. Her parents had passed away when she was only three years old, so she retained no clear memory of them. Her grandparents had been forbidden to set foot on the property, both before the tragedy and after. It wasn’t because the name of the house — Fourways — stirred her memory. For some reason she’d always hated it with a rare violence not at all in character with her otherwise mild personality. It might be the trellis with the poison ivy twined round it. Then again that could be her aunt’s influence. No. In her heart she knew as surely as she could see the blacked out panes in the conservatory windows that this was the house in which she had been born.
(Adapted from: Lecumberri & Maidment, 2000. English Transcription Course. Arnold.)

<Phonemic transcription>

Today’s my singing
今回は Elvis の “For The Millionth And The Last Time” というバラードを歌ってみましたのでアップします。今回の曲もマニアの間ではよく知られているナンバーです。Assimilation を起こして発音されている箇所は太字で示してあります。↓

For The Millionth And The Last Time.mp3

For the millionth and the last time
Darling let me hold you tight(/lep miː/)
One more kiss and then I promise(/wʌm mɔː(r)/)
I will say my last goodnight

Though your lips are so inviting
And I know I’ll wanna stay
Give me one more kiss to dream on
And I’ll be on my way(/ɑm maɪ/)

 It seems a million or so kisses ago
 We said goodnight at your door(/seg gʊdnaɪt/)
 I didn’t get far ’cause here we are
 And I’m still begging for more

 While the millionth and the last star
 Slowly disappears from sight
 For the millionth and the last time
 Let me kiss you good-night(/lep miː/ ~ /lem miː/)(/kɪʃ juː/)

Let me kiss you good-night
Let me kiss you good-night

次回は、/r/ と /l/ が多く出てくる sentence を使って、正確に2つの音を区別する練習です。



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