Weak form をマスターして英語らしいリズムを実現しましょう(2)


前回に引き続き、weak form の練習です。今回は、“his”、“him”、“her”、“them” の weak form を練習してみましょう。いくつかのセンテンスで実践してみます。今回の語を含めて weak form で発音されているものはすべて該当箇所を太字で示してあります。ぜひリピートしながら練習してみてください。

‘his’ の weak form → /ɪz/、him の weak form → /ɪm/


● We took his advice.
 /wi ˈtʊk ɪz ədˈvaɪs/
● Tell him to go now.
 /ˈtel ɪm ˈgəʊ naʊ/

‘her’ の weak form → /(h)ə/


● I took her hand.
 /aɪ ˈtʊk (h)ə ˈhænd/
● Don’t tell her about it.(linking /r/ で ‘about’ とつなぎます。)
 /ˈdəʊ(t) ˈtel ər əbaʊt ɪt/

‘them’ の weak form → /ðəm/


● I want to stay with them.
 /aɪ ˈwɒnt ˈsteɪ wɪð ðəm/
● Did you send them away?
 /dɪdʒu ˈsend ðəm əˈweɪ/
● Price-led tourists put themselves at risk when it comes to car hire.
 /ˈpraɪsled ˈtɔːrɪsts ˈpʊt ðəmselvz ət ˈrɪsk wən ɪk ˈkʌmz ˈkɑː ha(ɪ)ə/

Today’s my singing
Elvis の1961年のヒット曲 “(Marie’s The Name Of) His Latest Flame”(邦題は「マリーは恋人」)を歌ってみましたのでアップします。きっとご存知の方も多いと思います。アップテンポの曲ですから、その分 weak form で発音される語も多くなってきます。私が歌っている発音で weak form で発音されている箇所は太字で示してあります。


A very old friend came by today
’Cause he was telling everyone in town(‘was’ /wəz/)
Of the love that he just found(‘that’ /ðət/)
And Marie’s the name of his latest flame

He talked and talked and I heard him say
That she had the longest blackest hair
The prettiest green eyes anywhere
And Marie’s the name of his latest flame

 Though I smiled the tears inside were a-burning
 I wished him luck and then he said goodbye
 He was gone but still his words kept returning
 What else was there for me to do but cry

 Would you believe that yesterday
 The/This girl was in my arms and swore to me
 She’d be mine eternally
 And Marie’s the name of his latest flame


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