Weak form、音の脱落、リンキング (2)


前回に引き続き weak form、音の脱落(elision)、そしてリンキングの練習をしてみましょう。

以下の4つのセンテンスを発音してみます。強勢のある音節は少しゆっくりめに発音し、強勢のない音節(文法語等)は弱く短く発音するのがコツです。これによって英語らしいリズムが実現します。それぞれのセンテンスを、weak form、音の脱落(elision)、リンキングを盛り込んだ発音を実践してみます。発音は Received Pronunciation (RP) でやってみます。(注目すべき weak form の箇所は太字で、リンキングの箇所は下線で示してあります。)


● We are all encouraged to work smarter and harder.
 /wi ər ˈɔːl ɪŋˈkʌrɪdʒd tə ˈwɜːk ˈsmɑːt(ə)r ən ˈhɑːdə/
There is a hardcore of people who don’t work smart and hard.
 /ðə(rɪ)z ə ˈhɑːdkɔːr əv ˈpiːpl ʊ dəʊn(t) ˈwɜːk ˈsmɑːt n ˈhɑːd/
● Every office has at least one of them.
 /ˈevri ˈɒfɪs hæz ət ˈliːst ˈwʌn əv ðəm/
The list of things would have been exactly the same
 /ðə ˈlɪst əv ˈθɪŋz wʊdv bɪn ɪgˈzæktli ðə ˈseɪm/

さて、次は passage です。上の4つのセンテンスが以下の文章に組み込まれていますので、ポイント箇所として注目してみてください。


In business these days we are all encouraged to work smarter and harder. This ignores the fact that there is a hardcore of people who don’t work smart and hard. In fact, they hardly work at all. They are the “motivationally challenged”, traditionally known as lazy sods, and every office has at least one of them.
Strangely, lazy sods are always the busiest people in the office. Whenever you ask them to do anything there is no way they can help because they are far, far too busy. If you ever get irritated and ask them exactly what it is that they’re so busy doing, they will have a long list of things that sound enormously important. The truth is, if you’d asked them the same question a year previously, the list of things would have been exactly the same.
(Excerpt from: Guy Brown, 2006. Office Politics. Ebury Press.)

Today’s my singing
今回は “I Met Her Today” というバラードを歌って録音してみました。Elvis のナンバーとしは比較的マイナーな部類に属していますが、ファンの間ではとても人気のある美しい曲です。


I told you that some day
If you kept on being untrue

Somebody else would come along
And release me from you

You’ll be glad to know now
Your fickle world
Can have its own way

For it finally happened

I met her today

I used to think I just couldn’t live
A day without you
In spite of the thousand doubts and tears
That you put me through

All at once I don’t care as much for you
I’m sorry to say
For now there’s another
I met her today

How I treasured each smile, each kiss
You gave to me now and then
Well, you needn’t be kind to me now
Oh no, not ever again

Just when the last bit of pride in me was gone
Someone heard me pray
And sent me my angel
I met her today

I met her today


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