Weak form、音の脱落、リンキング (1)


今回は久しぶりに滑らかな発音を実現させるためのトレーニングです。文法語の weak form、規則に基づいた音の脱落、そしてリンキングを盛り込んで、滑らかな発音の実践をしてみましょう。

では、まずいくつかセンテンスを使って練習です。接続詞 and はすべて weak form の /n/ で発音してみます。また、人称代名詞 him や her は語頭の /h/ を脱落させる weak form の形です。


● Don’t tell him about it.
 /ˈdəʊn(t) ˈtel ɪm əbaʊt ɪt/
(him の /h/ が脱落して tell の /l/ とリンク)
● Don’t tell her about it.
 /ˈdəʊn(t) ˈtel ər əbaʊt ɪt/
(her の /h/ が脱落して tell の /l/ とリンク、about の /ə/ とを /r/ でリンク)
● You’re my one and only.
 /jɔː(r) maɪ ˈwʌn ən ˈəʊnli/
(one と and のそれぞれの語尾 /n/ で次の語の語頭の母音とリンク )
● You have to do it over and over again, you see.
 /ju ˈhæf tə ˈduː ɪt ˈəʊvər ən ˈəʊr əˈgen ju ˈsi/
(over と and を /r/ でリンク;and と over を /n/ でリンク;again と you を /n/ でリンク)
● Here I am to help him gain another one.
 /ˈhɪ(ə)r aɪ ˈæm tə ˈhelp ɪm ˈgeɪn əˈnʌðə wʌn/
(here と I を /r/ でリンク;him の /h/ が脱落;gain と another を /n/ でリンク)
● Life goes on and on and on, as everyone knows.
 /ˈlaɪf gəʊz ˈɒn ən ˈɒn ən ˈɒn əz ˈevrɪwʌn ˈnəʊz/
(on と and を /n/ でリンク)

こんどは文章を朗読してみます。weak form、音の脱落、リンキングは、滑らかに読むためにぜひマスターしたいものです。kんかいの朗読で weak form で音が脱落させている部分は太字で、リンキングの部分は下線で示してあります。


Long ago — might have been hundreds of years ago — in a cottage half-way between an English village and the shoulder of the Downs a shepherd lived with his wife and their little son. Now the shepherd spent his days — and at certain times of the year his nights too — up on the wide ocean-bosom of the Downs, with only the sun and the stars for company, and the friendly chattering world of men and women far out of sight and hearing. But his little son, when he wasn’t helping his father, and often when he was as well, spent much of his time buried in big volumes that he borrowed from the affable gentry and interested parsons of the country round about. And his parents were very fond of him, and rather proud of him too, though they didn’t let him on in his hearing, so he was left to go his own way and read as much as he liked; and instead of frequently getting a cuff on the side of the head, as might very well have happened to him, he was treated more or less as an equal by his parents, who sensibly thought it a very fair division of labour that they should supply the practical knowledge, and he the book-learning.
(Excerpt from The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame)

Today’s my singing
今回は夏にふさわしい曲 “Blue Hawaii” を歌ってみました。歌詞の語数が少ないバラードなので、発音の点からは簡単なようなのですが、逆に言えば日本語訛があると露骨に出てしまうので要注意ですね。スローな曲でも滑らかなリンキングは大切な要素です。


Night and you

And blue Hawaii

The night is heavenly

And you are heaven to me

Lovely you

And blue Hawaii

With all this loveliness

There should be love

Come with me

While the moon is on the sea,

The night is young

And so are we, so are we

Dreams come true 

In blue Hawaii

And mine could all come true

This magic night of lights with you


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